If you’re looking for that little thing that’ll change your everyday outfit, it’s over here !

Let me introduce you AMIRI, a brand base in Los Angeles. Creator and designer are one, and his name is Mike Amiri. He before that worked with several luxury firms and was Buscemi’s chief designer a few seasons back.

All materials are souced from Japan, France and Italy and the final product is always Made is L.A. This luxury oriented brand is quite expensive, but not without reason. AMIRI is inspired by the West Coast Grunge-Punk-Rock culture, and adds the currently trendy well cut long sleeves. What makes the brand’s DNA is the meticulous deconstruction and special treatments done on a Finished Garment.

Leather patched jeans, perfecto jacket, revisited Levis denim jacket, mixing materials like cotton, silk, cashmere, python leather; t-shirts/sweaters with bullet holes and a special treatment for the washed-out and used effect. The technique to make the piece look like it’s used is really interesting in my opinion, that’s usually what I’m looking for in the clothes I buy !

You can check out these stores and get hold of some of his pieces at Montaigne Market (Paris), Layers London (London), Maxfield (L.A.), Patron of the New (NYC), Barneys Madison (NYC), and of course at mikeamiri.com.

Hurry, it quickly runs out of stock !