Each week Hokuzy present you new one (e) (the) artist whose love the work. Today we present Cinta Vidal, a Spanish artist full of madness, of imagination and that will make you turn her head spin. You'll soon understand why.

Artist and Illustrator based in this moment in the Japan, Cinta Vidal Agulló draws since childhood and has studied at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. At the age of 16, she began working as an apprentice in one of the most prestigious workshops scenographic in Europe where she learned the art of set design with Josep and Jordi Castells and where she painted on a massive scale on sets for operas, standing on the ground with only one tool a brush about the size of a broom.

His style defies gravity and the conventional architecture to create surreal scenes, as well as opportunities that intersect. Cinta creates complex paintings in acrylic on wood panels and sees his work as a metaphor for the way we shape our world.

Unable to completely understand what surrounds us, but the personal ability to navigate through the maze of life that we all live.


In recent months, Vidal has started working with the collective POW! WOW! that includes a community of artists in order to organize shows, wall projects, concerts and artistic facilities live throughout the world.

In this way, Cinta was able to travel in some countries in order to flaunt his confusing and quite fascinating style on huge walls.


You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook or her personal website to discover its superb paintings.