RONL, 21 year old rapper straight out of the 95th district of Paris and new to the french rap scene, has just released his new track along with a video on the 14th of October. Did you feel the feeling? Just chill, it’s coming.

RONL started rapping 3 years ago for fun at his mates house, but after creating some heavy tracks they realized that with some work they could actually release something fresh that the scene has yet to see. And that’s exactly what we felt on his video.

He has a cool calm attitude on the camera and you can tell he has no fear when it comes to being in the limelight. His style is brutally frank but at the same time delivered calmly, without remorse.

We can see there is an american influence in his music but RONL brings his own flow to the mix by fusing his French background, more specifically from the 95th district along with some savage production, giving us a rapper to look out for in the near future.

In any case, we “felt” the feeling and we’ll be keeping a close eye on RONL for any new tracks coming out in the near future.. Stayed tuned !