Each week Hokuzy is an artist whose work we likes. And this week, Ghica Popa, you see. If you're a snearkers addict, then there are chances that you could already experience one of his creations.

Born into an artistic training and Illustrator based in Bucharest, Ghica Popa has developed its own universe which is very cubic and asymmetrical around the cars, robots, buildings and spaceships combined in a very personal way.

He remained faithful to his style over the years, and his work has attracted the attention of many fashion brands, lifestyle, but also of the streetwear magazines (Sneaker freak, Complex, Hypebeast).


Lately, the Ghica work has reached a global dimension, and collaborations can be found all over the world. You can follow Ghica Popa on Facebook – on Instragram or on his personal website.