Each week Hokuzy introduces a new artist whose work we like. And this week it’s Jeff Cole, an artist from Chicago, a fan of pop culture and sneakers.

Hello Hokuzy fam.

Today I would like to introduce you to @jcolegraphix, an artist came straight from Chicago. Currently based in Los Angeles, Jeff Cole, of his real name, mixing sneakers and characters from pop culture. From Kanye West to Star Wars, the artist produced surprising portraits!

The Hokuzy team has therefore asked him a few questions to learn more about him and is work:

“What is your background as a graphic designer?

I was studying illustration, and before that I was mainly doing graphic design and design on Illustrator. I also did the art direction and even the development of brand.

How did you end up mixing sneakers and Pop Culture?

Basically I was rather new to Photoshop, I took on my free time to learn the software and this challenge. So I imagined a concept with double meaning that appeals and surprise people by mixing popular icons such as Kanye West, Star Wars, Marvel/DC Comics heroes, and the world of sneakers, for example the Nike Air Jordan, Adidas Yeezy Boost, etc. But that style that was a challenge for me at first seems to have become my distinctive sign as an illustrator.

Last question, what do you think of the future of the Yeezy Kanye West boost collection?”

Good question, I really hope that Kanye West will diversify its collection and offer more model. And for that give me a call Kanye, I have a few ideas!

Recently the artist has created an illustration for the legendary Air Jordan 6. Feel free to have a look on @jcolegraphix achievements.