The second video from RonL “Hokuzy” directed by Antoine Duchamp just came out. And tonight we introduce to you Keight, the producer who is behind this song.

Yo it’s Jacquie and Mich… No just joking, but today we’ll send you the sauce ! Yet coming from our good old 9-5, we made a connection between RonL and the discovery of the week, the very talented Keight, which is at the base of this nugget, we give you now :

 2 years ago Keight started doing music in his room and now at 19 years old. His musical style is oriented towards  trap/rap and on another side  more experimental, with vocal  effects (the use of auto-tune, for example).


Keight in full session in her room.

It’s inspired by  several artists such as Justice, Chance the rapper, Nosaj Thing, Childish Gambino, Flying Lotus and Kanye West. His beatmaker cap can combine with his producer’s Cap, which allows him to see the music from different angles.

He recently performed on stage  December 7th at the Bellevilloise with his label Orfèvre during the “Orfèvre Party #1 “.


He followed the next day by performing a short set of 2 h for Radio Paris Hotel with a member of Goldsmith, Matou. Lay down and listen :

In addition, Keight released his first EP “Contagious” on November 28th  which is now available on Apple Music, Spotify & Deezer.

Excluslively we are sharing with  you two visuals, starting with the sound Contagious, it’s a gift!

And the sound of Tumbling Waters