A few days ago, Pigeons & Planes (that I strongly recommend following) posted a song that they said I would love if I was a Kid Cudi fan. The song in question was “Sorrow” by an australian band called BLESSED.

At first listen, the beat takes me back to Cudi’s MOTM, but the voice quickly stands out and brings its own thing. I loved it so much that it kept on playing while I was working without me noticing anything.

I tried doing some research, but couldn’t find any real info about the band. Even their music is hard to find. For example on Spotify, they’re mixed up with all the results that answer to the keyword « blessed ». But I did manage to find their Soundcloud account and found out that « Sorrow » was posted 4 months ago and that he had another song, « One and Only », posted 7 months ago. This one, more in an alternative rockish mood, is quite enjoyable too. You really seize the energy and power of the singer in this song.

BLESSED isn’t a “band Kid Cudi like” copy as some could say. It’s a band that brings their own stuff : voice, melodies and a kind of freshness that really feels good. Hoping for more in the future.