This fall New Balance gives a second life to one of his classics, the 990 "Made in the USA". Now make way for the New Balance "990v2".

Contrary to what you believe, New Balance is rather an old brand. It's even older than me (1906 to be precise, I watch you there all fuckboys who think Supreme and Stüssy there since 2012). Y' has even a time (and where I was born) where it was a mark of shlags! Nan I swear! As if you were wearing an Adadas or Mike, wallah! UM sorry I digress.

This fall New Balance decided that it was in the old pots that we were doing the best soups. And they are not wrong! Released in 1982, the 990 model "Made in the USA" and one of the classics of the brand, and is entitled to a second youth. Soberly named "New Balance 990v2", it is available in three colours: Maroon, black and beige. The three are Suede, with a slight difference: a black right to of mesh and more.

If you want to go back to 1980, hipster you are, you can get them here (the bordeaux are available on the American shop, hope he delivers in France)