“We follow him since one year and now he’s famous”

Thanks Drake...

“Thanks Drake…”

The kind of stuff that pisses me off. Skepta wins a Mercury Prize and all of a sudden Grime is born ?

Hear me, the problem isn’t that people just discovered Grime, who cares, you discover new stuff all day everyday. Even I have been listening to Grime for only about 4-5 years. The problem are the people that thinks it’s a new thing, that they are pionners even though they they first heard about Grime 6 months ago. And because THEY just knew about it, THEY think it just started to take off.

Skepta didn’t wait to have a big audience outside of the UK to make views on YouTube and shows around the globe. And the WORST thing about those “Grime experts” is that in general, the only Grime MC they know is Skepta. Oh no maybe they heard about JME because he’s featured on That’s not me. But they have no clue that they’re brothers. And finally, you have the people that think Skepta owes everything to Drake. I don’t even know if they’re worth a minute of my time. Drake signed with BBK, Skepta didn’t sign with OVO.

Wiley, Tempa T, Stormzy, Bugzy Malone, Devilman, Big Narsty, Saskilla, Jammer, and many more. Grime was born in London more than 15 years ago now.

My final word will be: listen to Grime, discover things, that’s cool. But do some research before claiming that you Christopher Colombused the damn thing.

Here some songs for you :

JME – Pick Up The Mic

Wiley – Morgue (ft. Roll Deep)

Tempa T – Next Hype

If you can relate to any of those lines and they offended you, I only have one thing to say :