In addition to offering us a brand new mixtape yesterday, 2 Chainz is not stopped here. He also launched a brand new collection of clothing mixing streetwear and Japanese culture.

For the musical year 2016, 2 Chainz served us well by offering first two mixtapes (Felt Like Cappin and Daniel Son: Necklace gift). But also an album in collaboration with Lil Wayne (ColleGrove). And it's yesterday that was released his latest mixtape "Hibachi For Lunch.

The hibachi (火鉢) is a traditional Japanese heating device. In the USA, the term hibachi also means iron griddle that is used in restaurants teppanyaki (cooking food on a metal plate). Here, you'll be able to sleep less beast tonight.

In addition to this new mixtape, 2 Chainz also announced a new collection of clothes which includes: caps, hoodies, sweaters and t-shirts. All using the Japanese logograms (kanji), cherry blossoms or the prints of Japanese culture.


You can discover the rest of the collection as well as get it on the dedicated website:

Find out right now to listen to this mixtape starting with "Good Drank" feat Gucci Mane and Quavo. It's heavy!