Aloha people! Today, I am fashion jungle. I'll talk to you about this collaboration between the Swedish giant and the Japanese brand which I still wonder WHY this association exists.

On one side you have a House of Haute Couture and the other, a factory that copies what trend among other designers. We arrived at a time or you can pay the price of a Haute Couture brand and a production with a textile medium/low range. Count on the long term with that.

I discovered Kenzo (which I love a lot thanks MOM) during the time Antonio Marras (2003-2011), which now has its own line of ready-to-wear. The Italian had a style which suited perfectly to Kenzo, that touch of fact handmade and embroidered that is his specialty is simply MA-GNI-FAIK.


Now we have 2 Americans (Asian 2, a Korean and a Chinese/Peruvian to be more precise) to the head of the artistic direction. When you're DA, you're anything, when you want to make money, makes you the most of the French House and it paid off in 2012. They have revisited the "jungle jap" which was the theme of the first store of Kenzo Takada (the founder) in Paris. They wanted to aim for a broader, younger audience and poof, it made of the Chocapic! The Tiger has completely changed the image of the House Kenzo.

Now it's everywhere, it's déjà vu and more interesting too for my taste (I don't ever had personally). 

Well back to the main topic, this collab to my sense of the STEWIt's something you do if you work in TATI, but not when you're part of the Kenzo branch…

In fact I even not managed to find the people in charge of this collection. Fortunately for them. Then it is entitled to what in the end for this Kenzo x H & M? A green combi Zebra for $ 130 or other clothing with colors everywhere, see for yourself:


When I think it's 2 Chinese and more… (DA from Kenzo approved them all) I say to myself "Euuuuuh? seriously They tried to screw who like that? They thought we were going to queue and pounce on these waste? "We could do a video of A$ AP Mob with these costumes".

There are still a few pieces passing, the blue shirt, for example, that reflects the Kenzo spirit with flowers.

However he must explain the Tiger. Looks like we're going to buy the counterfeit and is out of the question that I'm wearing something with a logo like that in my life! (Personal opinion, feel free to wear these clothes, I'm judging you in any case, why).

The shirt khaki with the small logo on the inside, that I love! The bomber reversible it is a bomb, perfect for winter! A final piece that much surprised me it is wide trousers for woman with the sharp red flower pattern. This reminds me very much of the "Flower by Kenzo" pub, the perfume and this pub a lot marked me (my mother and my sister loved so much this sweet scent, there was that white boxes with red flowers throughout the House).


I still can't believe what I saw when the lookbook is out. This is disappointing for my part, although the Kenzo spirit to go is to say a mixture of safari (game of color) and the famous Japanese key (at the level of the cut). Kenzo can do better for next time color level and avoid this Visual rape for my poor eyes.

I leave you now, appreciate the comments from the rest of the team:



Honestly, it's a big flop for me. H & M have already done so much better in collab with the like OF boys or the Margiela. And I quite expect this, it's too bad because it could be a great collab for my taste. It's a bit like the collab in 2011 with Versace. Like the big WTF. Sorry but the Zebra print multi flashy LSD is not for me. And it makes me laugh on Insta in the story I see people sell them and I see that galley. Frankly if we offer it at Christmas, the person hates you, otherwise it is not possible. Or she is blind.


It's not 'cause you're a shit on a satin sheet that smells more crap. Some (rare) cuts are cool, but the reasons… Starfoullah patterns! We're not at Desigual guys! A collab is supposed to bring out the best of both brands nan? It is quite the opposite. Y'aura 3 kind people happy because they are going to buy something stamped Kenzo at H & M prices, but I think it will go very far (I mean I don't have the figures, it is fine serious walk, and in this case I buy a rope and a stool). But the worst part is that if it's a flop, it's H & M which will all take in the mouth. Cheh!


I find that some products are interesting to the Cup level, chooses the material and colors. Conversely, I find other models really awful and not very aesthetic, but it takes all kinds to make a world. Across the universe it don't me please not at all even though I love the Kenzo brand. This isn't a collection that certainly remembered.


Neither positive nor negative. This collab recognizes the spirit of Kenzo, eccentricity, decadence color. Because contrary to what one might think Kenzo is a man who has traveled extensively, and it is inspired by the Japan his country of origin and by Africa or France, place in which he decided to install his fashion house. Finally I still liked the campaign, Jean Paul Goude's visuals and the muses such as Chance The rapping, Iman, ect…

Even if it is not to everyone's taste, this collab brings wind chills to H & M and reinforces its monopoly as a brand fashion accessible to all.

Kevin Brighton

There are models such as some sweaters or t-shirts that are cool, but frankly it's what these horrible blue sandals in safari add-in mode? Frankly I'm disappointed, I think they could have done better if he had not gone in peanuts with all their forms and colors.